Since there seems to be a lot of confusion around the Bosch hot film mass meter 0 928 400 527 (0928400468) or 0 928 400 314, I would like to explain the issue that driver of BMW E46 are faced with.

Air Flow meter BMW
Old MAF sensor 0928400314

Why did Bosch change the number of the air flow meter?

The old air flow sensor 0928400314 had a lot of problems, especially because the protection grid did not protect the sensitive hot film sensor sufficiently. Therefore an additional grid was added (see picture on the right). Furthermore the characteristic curve was optimized.

Bosch had stopped the production of 0 928 400 314, because the “faulty” design should of course not be used any more.

BMW drivers today can only buy the part number 0.928.400.527.
Item 0928400314 and 0928400468 are no longer available.

Bosch air flow meter
Newer version 0928400468
5 pins MAF sensor 0928400527

Clients who needed to exchange the MAF have been told, that the ECU needs to be reprogrammed with the new MAF. But to our experience recognizes the ECU the new MAF 0928400527 even without reprogramming. Usually the ECU “recognizes” the new part after 50 to 100 km at the latest.

On the right side you find the exact list in which Diesel BMWs the air flow meter was changed.

The BMW numbers are: 13712247002, 13627787076, 13622247074

New MAF 0928400468 / 0928400527 was installed from 11/2000:
  • E46 320d (also Touring); year of construction 04/1998
  • E46 520d (also Touring); year of construction 04/1998
New MAF 0928400468 / 0928400527 was installed from 08/2001 in :
E46 318d (also Touring)
  • E46 330d (also Touring); year of construction 10/1999
  • E46 330xd (also Touring); year of construction 07/2000
  • E39 525d (also Touring); year of construction 04/2000
  • E39 530d (also Touring); year of construction 08/1998
  • E38 730d; year of construction 08/1998

For the corresponding diesel engines with Euro 4 (D4) the part number 0928400527 does NOT fit. You will need item 0928400529 (original number: 13627788744). It is easy to recognize, since in contrast to part number 0928400527 this one has only 4 pins.

Some visitors reported that they have installed the 314 in their BMWs, although according to the list they are supposed to have the new 527. This list has thus been passed on to all BMW workshops, but there is a suspicion that it is facelift-dependent for some vehicles.

The best thing to do is to always check what is originally installed.