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Vintage BMW mass airflow sensors: you can’t drive without one, but Bosch stopped making them a while ago.

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What should you do when yours goes bad? Parts for older BMW vehicles are getting harder and harder to come by. Take, for example, the mass air flow (MAF) sensors found in classic E30, E34, and E36 models. Bosch stopped producing these MAF sensors quite a while ago, yet there are still plenty of Bimmers from the 80s, 90s, and 00s on the road.

What’s an owner to do? Can you just disconnect the MAF?

To start, you can’t just get rid of the MAF sensor or disconnect it. Without it, your car either won’t run well – or won’t run at all. Bummer. You see, the MAF sensor (otherwise known as an airflow meter) is a crucial piece of equipment. It measures the amount of air entering the engine. Then, the engine control module (ECM) – or as BMW calls it, the digital motor electronics (DME) – uses that information to determine fuel injector control. And, as you may know, an engine needs three things to run: spark, compression, and fuel. Without that third key ingredient, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere.

Visit a junkyard 

If you enjoy spending your weekends scrounging around in the dirt, looking for a used part that may or may not be any good, check out a junkyard. For some vehicle owners, there’s a sense of anticipation associated with visiting these automotive graveyards. After all, you never know if the car you need is going to be there, if it’s going to have the MAF intact, or if the part is going to work when you install it. You’re gambling with your time and money. In essence, junkyards are for those who like to live dangerously – and get greasy. Really greasy.

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All others should proceed to the next MAF replacement strategy.

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Finally, thanks to LÖWE Automobile, BMW owners everywhere have a solution to their MAF problems.

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